I am choosing to use Laticrete mostly because of what people, especially the pro's, in some of the online forums have had to say.

Jim B.

I mosaic’d a 10 foot guitar for Gibson’s Guitartown Waukesha and used your epoxy grout. It turned out fabulously. (If you want to see photos of it, they are here). Absolutely loved the epoxy grout – a really great product. Being a messy grouter, I invariably stepped on some of the grout when it fell off the guitar while I was working and it got lodged in the treads of the soles. Not a problem since I was wearing my “working shoes” which I expect to get soiled. I finished the guitar in late May of 2013.

During the Fall of 2013 I took a three week vacation which found me putting 5300 miles on my car and a lot of miles on my “working shoes” which walked me around Yellowstone Nat’l park, the Little Bighorn battlefield, the Badlands of South Dakota, Boise, Idaho, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, San Diego, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, and other lesser points along my trip.

It’s January 29, 2014 and I just put on my working shoes to go into the studio and noticed that your epoxy grout is still stuck to the bottom of my shoes! That’s 7 months and multiple miles of walking and working. That’s some seriously durable grout!

Pat M.

I am a beginning mosaic artist living in Roswell, GA. I wanted to create a mosaic bird bath as a surprise birthday present for my dad's 70th birthday. Having never done exterior mosaic art, I learned about your products from Contemporary Mosaic Artists (CMA) group, for which you are a sponsor, and also from Specialty Tile company, located in Norcross, GA. I purchased the Laticrete 254 Platinum adhesive from Specialty Tile, and I purchased SpectraLock Epoxy Grout from a local Lowes store. Both of your products were superior, and I wanted to let you know how well it turned out, and how happy my father was at the birthday celebration this past weekend.

I am attaching photos of the mosaic bird bath evolution and want to thank you for making such excellent products, and for your support of mosaic artists. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to use Latricrete products. The Dazzle grout additive looks very intriguing.

Dee R.

Dear Mr. Rothberg:

Thank you for helping with the claim I made to Laticrete. I received a letter from Mr. Frank D. The claim has been resolved. Even though this fluke occurred with a Laticrete product, I am convinced that your corporation is outstanding in quality and service, and I am honored that you sir—the Chairman/CEO, has taken the time to help me. You are undoubtedly a man of integrity, and I thank you.

Rose M.

Dear Mr. Rothberg,

I own a mosaic studio in Corvallis, Oregon. I've been a professional member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists since 2005 and first and foremost would like to express my gratitude for your company as a whole. Your support of our national conference activities at the American Mosaic Summit have been outstanding and we deeply appreciate your presence as President's Circle Sustaining Contributors.

Each year the conference offers a Mosaic Marathon experience to conference attendees which allows for hands on experience with mosaic technique as well as a lot of "table talk" ie: idea exchange with an international forum of artists. The end result is a contribution of artwork that is made to a local non-profit in the city where the annual conference is held. I am a part of the planning committee for the 2013 conference which will be held April 10 -14th at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. (Pacific NW, Seattle area, Dale Chihuly country!) For the first time, we are hoping to incorporate participants from the local non-profit into the creative process to provide a community participation aspect to the project. It just keeps getting better and better. We thank you for your continued support of SAMA!

With regard to the 2011 American Mosaic Summit which was held in Lexington, Kentucky, I would also like to express my appreciation for your Technical Sales Representative, Matthew T. Adamson. I was unfortunately not present at Matthew's workshop (Selecting the Correct Adhesive and Grout Type for your Project with Laticrete Representative, Matthew Adamson) but I did meet Matthew during the vendor showcase and found him to be extremely knowledgeable about your product and very personable in his ability to listen and respond at a technical level that was well received whether the artist he spoke with was novice or professional. He spoke with a respect for who we are, a desire to make our studio lives better, our end product stronger, and our clients happier. One simply cannot ask for more!

Long story short, I proudly have a new Laticrete supplier in Bert Schoenfeld of Mid Valley Tile, Corvallis, Oregon, and I am thrilled! One of his employees, Luke, recently attended your Product Through Knowledge seminars and he has been exceedingly helpful in assisting me to make the transition to your product line. I offer several mosaic workshops and my students have also been very pleased with the level of customer service at Mid Valley Tile. In addition to the mosaic studio, we are currently homeowners renovating a bathroom in our 1940's era home. Hydro Ban is fantastic!

Lastly, my mosaic studio, Sacred Shard Mosaics, has recently received approval from our local Public Art Selection Committee to create mosaic inserts for 18 of the concrete trash cans located in our downtown area. As the project moves into the approval process for our City Council, I wanted to be able to answer the longevity question and turned to the Laticrete website for specific warranty information. I was unfortunately unable to print that information in a legible format and your Connecticut offices were closed due to the time zone difference but as luck would have it, Emily at Mid Valley Tile provided me with the phone number for your Laticrete Factory in Lebanon, Oregon where Larry Schrock received my call.

Mr. Rothberg, I am writing to let you know that your Lebanon outfit is in excellent care in the hands of Larry Schrock!

As mosaic artists, and as a female artist in a primarily male dominated world of tile contractors, my experience with other companies has often been that I spend the first few minutes of a call justifying my question and the need for information. Larry went immediately to a level of interest and respect. Due to a tight time frame on the project, I asked if I could pick up the warranty information and Larry not only agreed but was kind enough to offer me a tour of your facility the very next day. (I created a koi mosaic for the Emenhauser Infusion Unit of the Lebanon Hospital last year and have been very curious about your factory since we first discovered it on our drives back and forth during that project!) Larry took the time to review my project, asked thoughtful questions. He provided me with the warranty information and also shared more with me about additional product options. My heart was deeply touched when he graciously offered to donate the thinset and grout for this project! Two bags of Platinum 254 thinset may not feel like a lot when you deal in 2500 bags of material for shopping malls and hospitals but the impact and momentum that such a kind donation will give to this 36 sq foot mosaic project as it seeks final approval is huge! Words do not properly convey my level of appreciation!

Larry was also exceedingly kind in offering me a tour of your Lebanon operation. It was so nice to spend time with people whose eyes light up at the mention of grout and I was utterly impressed with both your employees and the site! Everything was functioning smoothly and efficiently. They are extremely proud of their production team, the technology of the equipment, and to see that they had gone 1700+ days without injury was fantastic! My Father was a quality control manager for an office furniture manufacturer in the Midwest, HON Industries, so I probably take in more than the average person? It was extremely exciting to see all that was happening at Laticrete in Lebanon, Oregon!

I thank you for an exceptional product line, for treating each of your customers with integrity and for hiring such outstanding individuals.

Continued success ~

Ella R.

I've used [your Glass Tile Adhesive] on a couple of projects and just love it. The non sag properties make it so much easier to use than the [stuff] I had used in the past. At first I was concerned with how dry or stiff it was when mixed and how that might lead to it not adhering to the glass-you know, if you mix thin set really stiff it has that almost skinned over right out of the bucket feel to it-but that was totally not the case. It has a great grab to it. I removed a couple of tiles in the attached pics to reposition them after the mortar had about 15 hours of cure time and was amazed how well the mortar held. It was adhered to the glass to the grim death already.

Reid K.

Feedback from the field: 220 marble and granite mix is well accepted by moi! Please keep the mix the way it is, its awesome Henry!. Wrapping up a 350 sq ft residential chiseled edge marble job and had my tile walked on. Chiseling tile...even next day proved the performance of your thinset. Thanks for great products. Take care.

Jack H.

Oh, and PS. The Laticrete iPhone app is the greatest!! I use it all the time, and has helped me learn all about some products, I would otherwise have not thought about using! The catalog is great too, but the app is easierto use, and more available at all times! Way to go!!

Eric T.

I just wanted to thank you again for contacting me and getting me in touch with Gary Jones! I have been in business a little over a year now and I have taken my fair share of lumps and bumps, some of these plumbing and bath supply houses have walked all over me and have not been standing by the quality issues in their products.

Laticrete has been the ONLY company that has been by my side and provides the best level of customer service. Gary answers his phone and returns calls. I appreciate all of his advice and i think that you have a well rounded Rep for my area. The Laticrete products have been working very well for me and my tile customers are very happy so life is good... I wonder why other companies cant be more like your organization.

Todd S.

Just a quick THANK YOU to LATICRETE. I sold a very large job to a car dealership today. Because of the knowledge I had when using LATICRETE products and methods. They were so impressed with the grout by far not staining. The owner told me flat out that what sold the job was the grout and the thinset being used.

Cant wait to get started... and take pictures for my family of LATICRETE....


Dan W.

Not more than an hour ago, I received a pallett of stuff I jokingly asked to try out. Laticrete's amazing customer service and willingness to go the distance to please their customers is astounding, not to mention how incredible hydroban is.

Seriously, check out Henry's blog, I waterproofed a paper bag with it.

I am not just a Laticrete customer, I am a Laticrete fanatic.

Luke H.

I thought you might like to know that I spent the past weekend taking up approx 300 sq ft of ceramic tile in my house that I put down 25 years ago with 272 Drybond and #33 liquid. I also taped the joints with 9235 Liq and your 6 inch fabric at the time.

I think I need a vacation.

Even with an air chisel it wouldn’t take the tile off the joints where I taped with the fabric. I spent more time on the floor with a hand chisel and a hammer to try and remove the rest of the tile off the floor and I’m still not done. When I can remove the tile off of the taped joints it takes some of the plywood sub floor with it. I may now need a jack hammer!

There is no doubt I used the right product at the time!

When I install the new tile floor I’m looking forward to using the current Laticrete products that are engineered 25 years later than my original installation. I feel sorry for the next guy who wants to remove the floor because I think a grenade will be in order.

Jeff F.

You have fine products, and I don't mind telling people about them. I don't even offer any other grout but Laticrete. That Permacolor is something else. Spectralock as you know is awesome. Thank you for your help, sir.

Brian E.

Okay, minor emergency at our house last night. Our dog Gus cut his paw. This isn't the first time it's happened but it is the first time since we put in all new flooring. There was a lot of blood as there usually is and I haven't had a chance to clean it till today. Gus had to go in for surgery early this morning so when I got home, got all the bloody sheets into the wash then went to tackle the floor. There was dried blood on the tile and grout. With a little bleach and a doodlebug it came right off of the grout! I know I would have never been able to get that out of sanded grout so yeah! for Spectralock. I love this product.

Mindy B.

We recently installed a very complex glass mosaic steam shower, including a large feature wall, highlighting a solid slab granite tub. We chose Laticrete Permacolor grout and I wanted to share my general impressions.

Firstly, we were very pleased with the color Navaho Tan as an extremely forgiving, quasi-neutral tone. The glass mosaic was a very challenging gradient pattern with no obvious color-choice for grouting – Navaho Tan consolidated and complimented the install perfectly. The peel-and-stick grout selection pallet was a very intuitive tool which gave us the ability to mock up various colors without the mess and hassle using the actual material. We simply stuck the possible grout colors at various locations throughout the shower and were able to determine the best choice under various lighting combinations – Terrific!!

Secondly, the workability of Permacolor grout was of tremendous benefit. Unlike traditional sanded grouts the “scratch-factor” was not a worry with the glass tile – much appreciated; additionally, Permacolor’s ability to fill joints as small 1/16th was a vast improvement over traditional sanded grouts. Add to those two items the fact that efflorescence was not an issue whatsoever as is often the case where so many joints are involved.

Kudos for creating such a design-friendly, intuitive, and workable product. You truly have a winner there.

Stephen B.

Dear David and the LATICRETE family,

I would like to extend a huge Thank You to you all. I started working in the tile industry in 1974 and have been "on my own" for more than 25 years. I am absolutely certain that whatever success I have achieved as a contractor is due at least in part to my use of LATICRETE products and systems.

I have been directly involved in the installation of a couple of million square feet of tile and dimensional stone, and countless repairs of existing tile. You can count my failures on two hands with plenty of fingers left over.

I remember back in the 80's other contractors saying I was crazy for paying premium prices for LATICRETE products, but I prospered during those years - the decade of massive thinset failures! I have to ask, was I really paying premium prices if I was getting premium and superior performance? Back in the 1950's, your father set the bar for thinset installations; the industry chose to settle for less for 30 or 40 years, resulting in countless failures due to inferior bonding practices. It's good to see the entire industry has been raising its standards to be comparable with what LATICRETE's been doing for over half a century!

Again, I thank you and the entire LATICRETE family for continuing to provide innovative and superior products. I look forward to being around to see what comes next!

Jay H.

I have recently designed and created a mosaic water feature for my backyard using some of your products. I constructed a waterfall to flow over a mosaic of Sicis glass tile formed into a sunset mosaic modeled after a photograph of the Rocky Point sunset. Like the sunset, my mosaic changes colors with each hour of the day. As the sunlight reflects on the tile and grout the mosaic comes to life, and as the sun has set the mosaic does not. It transforms at night appearing as a entirely different mosaic. A combination of the glass tile used with the Laticrete Spectra LOCK Dazzle glitter grout only adds to the beauty and diversity of colors in my mosaic. While using the Laticrete Spectra LOCK Dazzle grout for the first time I was pleased with the variety of colors and glitter options available. And to add to my delight I was amazed at how easy the epoxy grout was to use and furthermore the clean up as well. In my 37 years in the flooring industry I have had many unpleasant opportunities to use epoxy and all the hassle that it includes. However, I was pleasantly surprised with your Spectra Lock Dazzle grout, a product that is easy to use and easy to clean up. This ease of use only adds to my enjoyment of my new addition to my backyard oasis.

Larry H.

I wanted to express my great appreciation for the extraordinary measures undertaken by one of your technical representatives, whom I know only as Tim. I needed Latasil Tile and Stone Sealant in almond to match my Spectralock Epoxy Grout, but could locate only about-to-expire tubes within a 75-mile radius. The dealers were unable to order new sealant for me: Their suppliers claimed no later batches had been manufactured. I called Laticrete for help, and Tim arranged for the Connecticut plant to send me the fresh product.

I was very impressed with Tim's interest and efforts in solving my problem. Knowledgeable and dedicated employees are a critical link between company and consumer: They inspire trust, promote product loyalty, and pave the way to corporate success. I already knew you made a great epoxy grout, but this level of service has made me forever a fan of your products.

Judith M.

Spectralock chocolate truffle grout ... was a breeze to do. The micro fiber cloth was an added bonus because it cut cleaning time down to nil. The color was a perfect match with the color chart for those still in doubt. I will be grouting with Spectralock all the way. I really like this stuff.


I mean this sincerely. I happened to be at the contractor seminar that our sister store in Springfield Best Tile had last night. Frank and Matt are two of the hardest working reps I know.

They are not only professional, knowledgable and articulate but honest, sincere and respectable. They are so eager to promote your products and are extremly helpful to me. Even though I have your web site for the answers, they never tire of my questions.

It has often been a struggle and a challenge being a woman in this industry and not being part of 'the boys club'. Frank and Matt are a welcome change!

Lucia F.

I just wanted to let you know that I could not be more pleased with the result of using your Spectralock[sic] tile grout in Midnight Black.

The product results are better than great...I could not be happier.

Thanks for making one great product! My tile floor could not have come out better in my dreams.

Ron B. (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Thanks also for leading our industry with 'R & D' in newer products. It's people like you that enhance the industry and make it more appealing, more valuable than other floor/wall covering choices.

Thanks also to the great team of representatives you have. Their work does not go unnoticed here!

Brian B.

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