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What is LATICRETE’s mission?

We manufacture safe, innovative building materials. Our aim is to ease the work of the installer and improve the durability of buildings. We deal with customers, partners and employees as family.

What is LATICRETE’s vision?

To be a top ten construction chemical company, measure by: degree of globalization, revenues, and brand awareness, amongst professionals.

How did LATICRETE begin?

Founded in 1956 in his basement by Dr Henry M Rothberg, a tile setter turned chemical engineer and inventor, and his wife, Lillian Rosenstock Rothberg.

What does LATICRETE do?

Design, manufacture and service products for the permanent, trouble free, green, durable, and safe installation of flooring, facades, coatings and waterproofing for buildings and homes.

How does LATICRETE make money?

Selling well engineered and manufactured products that save time for the installers, and provide long term security and performance to the owners. We sell at fair prices for value received. As long as we do these well, we earn a reasonable return on our assets and effort. We will not compromise our quality for short-term economic gain.

What is driving LATICRETE's growth?

Constant innovation in our existing product range (e.g. faster, stronger, greener, easier to use), expansions into new product ranges where our capabilities give us a competitive advantage, and global expansion to bring better building materials and methods to the world.

Who are our customers?

Architects, General contractors, specialty sub-contractors (tile, masons, waterproofers), and do­it-yourselfers.

Who are our partners?

Suppliers, distributors, tile and brick factories, and installers.

What are our products?

Adhesives, grouts and mortars for tile, stone and brick. Waterproofing for interior and exterior floors and walls. Leveling compounds and wear surfaces. Concrete repair materials. Cement based and colorful resin walking surfaces.

Who are LATICRETE's competitors?

In developing countries the primary competition is traditional sand and cement. In developed markets factory made materials by multi national brands. Our differences are: a focus on 'customers for life', not short term economic gain, a family culture that comes only from a privately held business, and a belief that innovation in everything we make and do is the key to success.

Where is LATICRETE located?

Headquarters are in New Haven, Connecticut, USA; the home of Yale University. We are 100 km (60 miles) from New York City. We have sales and technical support offices, and factories and distribution centers, throughout the world.

How many employees does LATICRETE have?

Approximately 1200 associates worldwide. We pay honest wages and comprehensive benefits including healthcare and tuition assistance. We promote from within, and operate as a family, with many 2nd generation and long tenured employees. We have family friendly personnel policies, and value our ‘fun place to work' culture. We empower employees at every level so they can ‘do the right thing’ when called upon.

Can I invest in LATICRETE?

Sorry, but no. Laticrete is a family owned, private business.


To be a top ten construction chemical company, measured by: degree of globalization, revenues and brand awareness amongst professionals.

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