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The North America Profit Through Knowledge (PTK) Technical Seminar is a two day, intensive training program specifically developed for LATICRETE distributors, dealers, installers and other professionals interested in becoming familiar with LATICRETE® products. Training encompasses both classroom instruction and hands-on product demonstrations by experienced LATICRETE team members.

LATICRETE offers segmented classes covering tile and stone installation and surface care, resinous flooring systems, substrate preparation, construction chemicals and polished concrete.

Seminar Content (To view the agenda; please click on the link below)


  • Gain a better understanding of the construction industry
  • Learn how to select and recommend the most suitable installation materials
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of LATICRETE products and installation systems
  • Learn trade definitions, performance requirements, and industry standards
  • Learn how to solve and avoid job problems
  • Participate in hands-on product demonstrations


Technical Seminars are conducted at LATICRETE Technical Training Centers across all LATICRETE facilities worldwide.


LATICRETE Technical Seminars run one, two and days from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Each day there is a one-hour lunch break, and two 15-minute breaks. Time is allocated for questions and discussion at the end of each day. Optional social and sightseeing activities can also be planned.



The deadline for registrations is 3 weeks prior to the start date.
Class size is limited to 21 attendees.

For further information, contact:

Steve Rampino, Technical Services Training Supervisor
Phone: +1.203.393.0010, ext. 344 or +1.800.243.4788
Fax: +1.203.393.1948

LATICRETE University

Learn online at your leisure

LATICRETE is proud to announce its new eLearning program LATICRETE UNIVERSITY.

LATICRETE UNIVERSITY makes it possible for anyone within the industry to train on industry standards and Profit Through Knowledge (PTK) Technical Seminars from the comfort of your home or office. Training has become necessary to learn about new products and modern technology. Traveling and leaving your business behind to attend training is not always easy or possible. Now anyone in your company can receive the quality information that was only possible during live trainings in a short period of time, and without leaving your job for an extended period of time.

LATICRETE UNIVERSITY presents vital industry and product information in short, easy segments that can be taken at any time, 24-7. You can learn about new products and industry standards right away without the delay of waiting for a scheduled event or for a representative to visit your location.

Here's how it works:

  1. You listen to and observe a short tutorial.
  2. You take a short test that will measure your knowledge retention.
  3. Upon the successful completion of a segment, you print a certificate or have it emailed to you for your employee training records.
Note - You can pause and resume your training at any time. You can re-take training to sharpen your knowledge.


List of current tutorials

  1. Understanding Deflection
    This tutorial will define what deflection is. How it can be measured, and what the industry standards are for deflection under tile and stone.
  2. 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed
    This tutorial will cover the use of the 3701 Fortified Mortar Bed.
  3. SPECTRALOCK® PRO Premium Grout
    This tutorial will cover the use and installation of SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout.
    This Tutorial will show the use and installation of SPECTRALOCK 2000 I.G.
  5. Re-grouting of commercial kitchens
    This tutorial will outline the requirements and practices for re-grouting commercial kitchens. Proper re-grout procedures will ensure a longer lasting installation in a harsh chemical environment.
  6. STRATA_MAT™ Uncoupling Mat
    STRATA_MAT is a next generation high performance uncoupling mat for use under ceramic tile and stone installations, for both residential and commercial applications. This tutorial will outline the features, benefits and installation methods.
  7. Reduced Thickness Porcelain Tiles
    This tutorial will provide tile industry professionals with an introduction to the manufacturing and installation of reduced thickness porcelain tiles.
  8. LATASIL™ Sealant
    This tutorial will cover the installation and benefits of LATASIL Sealant.
  9. HYDRO BAN® liquid waterproofing membrane
    This tutorial will outline the use of HYDRO BAN liquid waterproofing membrane
  10. PERMACOLOR®® Grout
    This tutorial will cover the installation and benefits of PERMACOLOR Grout

To access the LATICRETE UNIVERSITY, click the link below, create a user profile and begin your training.


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